Human Resources

Make Human Resources Management Easy with Tabidoo

Tabidoo revolutionizes human resources management with its powerful HR software, empowering organizations to streamline employee management, optimize talent acquisition, enhance HR analytics, facilitate training and development, simplify onboarding and offboarding processes, and promote a positive organizational culture. With its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, Tabidoo transforms HR workflows, ensuring compliance, driving employee engagement, and enabling data-driven decision-making. From recruitment to performance appraisal and employee development, Tabidoo empowers HR professionals to efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle, fostering a productive and satisfied workforce while achieving organizational success.

Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
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Why Human Resources?

Escape the boredom of traditional human resources management and step into a world of productivity and delight with Tabidoo! The magic of features effortlessly registers employees, manages candidates, handles employment contracts, and even dazzles with its selection procedures. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to a smart database that fuels your business development. Don't wait, embark on this delightful adventure with Tabidoo today!

Human Resources
Keeping track of important dates
Secure access control for your data
Complete history of data changes
One platform, unlimited possibilities of use

Tabidoo is Your Solution for Effortless Human Resource Management

Employee records

Gain a comprehensive overview of your company's workforce with Tabidoo's employee records. Easily access individual employee information, empowering you to effectively manage HR operations and enhance employee engagement and streamline personnel administration.

Records of external staff

Seamlessly handle external staff and collaboration with Tabidoo's robust HR software. Create a dedicated database that simplifies the management of freelancers and external collaborators, ensuring effective and smooth workforce management.

Records of employment contracts

Having an overview of employment contracts is extremely important. You can get such an overview in Tabidoo, along with online access to all documents.

Records of candidates

Searching for the right candidates becomes a breeze with Tabidoo. Quickly locate the fitting individuals, leveraging the power of talent acquisition and streamlining the recruitment process for optimal employee management.

Management of selection procedures

Simplify the organization of selection procedures with Tabidoo's intuitive features. Define important criteria, record candidate details, and leverage HR workflows to streamline the entire selection process, ensuring effective performance appraisal and optimal recruitment outcomes.

Job management

Navigate job management complexities effortlessly with Tabidoo. Maintain records of employee promotions, access rights, and benefits with ease, optimizing workforce management and enhancing HR compliance.

Issuing of equipment

Maintain perfect control over the allocation of work equipment to individual employees, generate handover records effortlessly, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Allocation of company assets

Ensure smooth allocation of company assets with Tabidoo's handover records. From keys and passwords to computers and cars, maintain clear control over the process of providing necessary resources to new hires.

Monitoring of HR dates

Effectively monitor HR dates and enhance employee engagement with features. Receive timely alerts for medical examinations, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, optimizing HR analytics and fostering a positive organizational culture.

Who is already using the Digital Company

By choosing a solution built on top of Tabidoo, we gained control over the daily extraction of data from over five hundred pharmacies.

Česká Lékarna Holding, a.s.

Working remotely - at the home office can be a problem if you do not have data access resolved. And that's what we have - thanks to Tabidoo.

CEO & CO - Founder, Miomove

Incredibly simple. Very flexible.
A great replacement for several systems and google sheets.

CEO, Hanak Centrum s.r.o.

EASY to use, packed with features

All features for all users.
Even in a Free plan.

Explore features

Data Audit

Tabidoo records all data changes. You have a powerful tool in your hands that monitors changes of each record.


User roles

From simple read-only access for all data to complex user rights for every single item.



Powerful report designer. Load data from table, defined data query, API … Export to pdf, word, excel.



Tabidoo effortlessly communicates in a diverse range of languages, ensuring seamless interaction for users worldwide.


Dashboards / widgets

Widgets will help you make your data clear and all your important information can be displayed in one place.



Stay in the loop with every data change and upcoming date through convenient email notifications. Set up conditional notifications to tailor your alerts based on specific criteria.


GDPR ready

With Tabidoo you can easily find/print/anonymize/delete all sensitive data in your application.


API / Integration

Modern API integration, Zapier and Make.


Always up to date

Tabidoo runs on a top-of-the-line technology stack, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best of the best.

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What are human resources

Mastering Human Resources Management

Human resources management is a vital aspect of any organization, encompassing the efficient management of personnel. HR specialists excel at talent acquisition and employee management, utilizing innovative HR software to streamline personnel administration and optimize workforce management.

Collaborating with Excellence

HR specialists are often in charge of external collaborators, such as sole traders who cooperate with the company. The task of HR specialists is also to handle external collaborators and take care of their invoicing or recruitment of new talents.

Unlocking Employee Engagement

Performance appraisal is a powerful tool in the hands of HR specialists. By evaluating employee performance, they can gauge individual strengths and areas for improvement, fostering employee engagement and driving organizational success.

Why is it
good to manage
human resources in Tabidoo?

Empowering HR Workflows

Innovative HR software, like Tabidoo, empowers HR specialists with advanced analytics capabilities. This HR analytics tool revolutionizes the recruitment process by facilitating talent acquisition and providing valuable insights for training and development initiatives.

Navigating Transitions

Effective onboarding and offboarding are essential components of HR management. HR specialists leverage comprehensive HR workflows to ensure smooth transitions for new hires and departing employees, minimizing disruption and maximizing success.

Planning for the Future

Succession planning is a strategic imperative for organizations, and HR specialists play a pivotal role in this process. By identifying and nurturing talent within the workforce, they pave the way for seamless transitions and organizational continuity.

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