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You don't pay for users!

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For individuals or small teams

Free contains:

  • 2 applications
  • 10 tables per app
  • 1 000 records per app
  • 100 API calls/day
  • 100 MB
  • 20 Workflow Automation runs/day


60 EUR


You don't pay for users!

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For teams or small businesses that need to manage their processes efficiently

Basic contains:

  • 10 apps
  • 25 tables per app
  • 25 000 records per app
  • 25 000 API calls/day
  • 3 GB
  • 1 000 Workflow Automation runs/day


120 EUR


You don't pay for users!

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For medium and large companies looking for a comprehensive system for the day-to-day running of their organisation

Standard contains:

  • 25 apps
  • 50 tables per app
  • 50 000 records per app
  • 75 000 API calls/day
  • 5 GB
  • 5 000 Workflow Automation runs/day


250 EUR


You don't pay for users!

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For large companies that want to use the full functionality of the platform, including corporate identity

Pro contains:

  • 100 apps
  • 250 tables per app
  • 250 000 records/app
  • 100 000 API calls/day
  • 50 GB
  • 10 000 Workflow Automation runs/day


You don't pay for users!

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For companies with advanced customization, security, control and support needs

Enterprise contains:

  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited app tables
  • Unlimited records
  • Individual API
  • Individual storage size
  • Unlimited Workflow Automation

The prices are without VAT


Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Applications 2 10 25 100 Unlimited
Tables per app 10 25 50 250 Unlimited
Records per app 1 000 25 000 50 000 250 000 Unlimited
Record history 2-week 3-month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
API calls per day 100 25 000 75 000 100 000 Individual API
Storage 100 MB 3 GB 5 GB 50 GB Individual
Workflow Automation 20 automations / day (30 mins / day) 1 000 automations / day (30 mins / day) 5 000 automations / day (30 mins / day) 10 000 automations / day (30 mins / day) Unlimited

Work with data

Data Imports
Data Exports
Fulltext search
Multi edit
Conditional formatting
Form designer
Public forms
Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and File Servers support


Advanced Access Controls (Users & Roles)
Report designer
Modules manager
Workflow Automation 20 per day 1 000 per day 5 000 per day 10 000 per day Unlimited
Multilingual app
Audit history overview
Links to documents
Custom data sources
Exchange rates


Own domain
Custom branding
Active directory


Email support
Chat support
Priority support



30% discount for non-profit organisations

We value the work of not-for-profit organisations and are happy to offer them a discount on a selected price plan.

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Dr. Max

Frequently asked questions

One tariff – an unlimited number of users?

Yes, of course, you do not pay for individual users. In our application you do not pay for the number of users who can access it. Tabidoo charges you only for data usage.

We do not want to discriminate against users who may, for instance, just browse data.

What is an application and a table?

A table is one data source, for example a list of your users, a list of tasks or the history of changes made by users in the application. You can imagine it as a table in a database or one sheet in Excel.

An application is then a group of tables.

Do I need a credit card to register?

No payment card is required to sign in to Tabidoo. Try our Free plan. Payment card is needed only if you wish to upgrade to higher plan.

Is it possible to cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your tariff will remain valid until the cancellation of your subscription.

Am I limited by features in the Free plan?

No, we do not limit users by functionality. Even in our Free plan you have at your disposal the same functionality as you do in our Pro plan.

What happens if I reach the limit of my plan?

If you reach the limit of your currently active plan, Tabidoo will offer you the option to upgrade to a higher plan. It is then entirely up to you whether or not you choose to upgrade. For individual plans, please contact us.

User support

New Tabidoo customers can enjoy a maximum of 60 minutes of free support.

Additional customer support is based on the customer's subscription:

For the Free price plan, email and chat support is provided, the availability of which is not guaranteed.

From the Basic pricing plan and above, the customer has guaranteed email and chat support, whose working hours are weekdays from 8am-4pm and maximum response time is 24 hours (3 working days). The subject of the given support is primarily the resolution of errors and malfunctions. If the customer needs help with setting up Tabidoo according to his needs (creating applications, tables, scripting, etc.) it is possible to use our paid support at an hourly rate of 1500 CZK.

If the customer wants guaranteed support with better response time, they can use our paid SLA support.

I couldn't find an application in Templates that suited my requirements.

That can happen too. However, Tabidoo is a very flexible system. Send us your application requirements and we'll be happy to build it for you. We always deal with extra requirements individually upon customer's request. We always find a solution for everyone.

I would like to store large amounts of data, is your system ready for such a load?

Yes, our system is ready to process millions of records. It is possible to reserve a dedicated server in our cloud or we can transfer the entire Tabidoo system to your company's network. Do not hesitate to contact us.

I would like to store sensitive data, is it possible to make Tabidoo work in corporate network?

Yes, Tabidoo can be run on a corporate network, on Linux or Windows servers.

Customer support and regular updates of the Tabidoo system are a matter of course. We will be happy to provide you with further information.

I would like my data to be stored outside the EU, is this possible?

Yes, you just need to tell us in which geographical location you want your data to be stored. We'll take care of the rest.

100% availability guarantee

The domain is based on three independent data centers, ensuring nearly 100% uptime for our service.

What if ...

Tabidoo is able to cover most of your data needs. We completely understand that the decision to transfer data and processes can be difficult. Occasionally we get the question: What if you discontinue your service?

Let's first say that shutting down Tabidoo is complete nonsense. It's a successful platform with many customers and a stable base. It's our only product and we're fully focused on it.

And that's why we can declare the following. If for any reason we stop providing Tabidoo service, we will release all source code and installation guides as open source. We will provide you with the ability to download your data.

Do you have any other questions?

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