Tabidoo vs. Airtable

The story about cheaper and better solution
Hi Tom
We are not satisfied with Airtable.
Hi Greta
Nice to see you again.
What is the problem?
Airtable is just a couple of expensive spreadsheets
We need better input forms adjustment.
Better user rights.
Yes, I know.
Use Tabidoo.
Still really simple low-code platform, but much more powerful.
  • You can link tables to each other.
  • You can see history.
  • You can use automation.
  • You can user powerful rights.
All without programming. Tabidoo solved all our needs for data tracking.
Isn't it expensive?
Not at all.
Even in Free plan you can use all the features.
Just give it a try.
Great. It looks like the solution, which moves our business forward.
It is always pleasure to talk with you.
Comparison of Free plans


  • No limit for users
  • All the features are available
  • Advanced user rights
  • Report designer
  • Workflow automation
  • No. of API calls limited
  • Storage size is limited
  • Audit data limited
  • No. of records is limited
  • And it is also worth mentioning
  • Datacenters worldwide
  • Supports multi internationals format
    (numbers, dates)


  • Up to 5 users limit
  • Extensions limited to 1
  • 1 sync limit
  • No user rights/roles
    (it's not great even in the full version)
  • User views limited
  • Storage size is limited
  • Audit data limited
  • No. of records is limited
  • ...
  • Datacenters only in USA
  • No easy way to localize
Focused on control/flexibility

Form vs. Inline edit

While Airtable is great for working with simple tables, Tabidoo is more suitable when you require better control of data validity.


In Airtable you mostly write data directly into a table (like in Excel). In Tabidoo you open a form to input data.


Tabidoo - During input, it is very easy to change which fields are required, visible or prefilled.


Tabidoo - When you are working with big tables, you can divide the form into sections/categories. That makes your work much easier.

forms image

Calculation for 15 users, 15 000 rows, 2GB attachments

Airtable logo
Tabidoo logo


In Tabidoo, you do not pay for every single user. In Tabidoo your price depends only on the data volume. In Airtable you pay $20 per user if you want to have control over user access.

There is no limit to the features you can use in Tabidoo. Features in Airtable depend on your plan.

Unlike Airtable Tabidoo supports installation in your data center (on-premise).

All features for all users

In Tabidoo, you can use any features even as a free user. There is a limit on data amount, number of API calls. However every feature is accessible to all users.

Airtable offers different features according to the selected plan. Even such a basic thing like permissions is paid. Enjoy.

Custom Javascript
Custom Javascript
Custom Data Source for Reports
Custom Data Source for Reports
reports image

Report designer

The report designer in Tabidoo is incredible. It is very intuitive and as powerful as professional tools.

There are some ways how to get printed reports from Airtable. But it is still workarounds.


Tabidoo, as a significantly smaller company, has nice and friendly support. All of the development is driven by user feedback.

people image


Tabidoo is not only one of the Airtable alternatives.
It is more flexible, easier in many ways.
Tabidoo fully respects the uniqueness of your business.