Asset management

Get a better overview
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Tabidoo will help you keep your company assets in good condition.

Asset management
Asset management
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Why Asset management?

Tabidoo will help you with the management of computers, telephones or fleet. Never again will you miss service checks of devices, end of warranty periods or MOT inspections of company vehicles. Tabidoo will also make your work easier by allowing you to register corporate real estate. Get a simple and comprehensive tool for managing company assets now. Or try it out with no strings attached.

Asset management
Keeping track of important dates
Secure access control for your data
Complete history of data changes
One platform, unlimited possibilities of use

Manage company assets easily and quickly

Office equipment

Have a complete overview of every computer, phone, tablet or printer thanks to simple and efficient management of assets in Tabidoo. You will always clearly see who bought which asset, where and for how much. Where a contract or other document is needed for it, when the asset needs servicing or who is currently using it.

Fleet management

Get a count of your cars, trucks or trailers right away thanks to Tabidoo. You can also register any information about each vehicle or simply resolve service, inspections or any defects.

Real estate management

Do you have offices, warehouses, buildings or land? With Tabidoo, you will have a clear overview of all property. You can schedule maintenance, keep records of tenants or the condition of the real estate or resolve defects. At the same time, you will be able to find out where there is still free space that can be used.

Revisions and inspections

Building inspections, gas and chimney inspections or MOT inspections will be under control and in one place. Tabidoo immediately reminds you which inspection can no longer be postponed.

Handover processes

If your employees use company equipment, it is important to manage the condition of tools and other equipment and know who is currently using them. Make sure everything is handed over properly.

Handover records

Tabidoo watches over your company's equipment. You can immediately print handover records or return records. Thanks to this, you will see how many equipment you still have in stock and what employees have in use.

Who is already using the Digital Company

By choosing a solution built on top of Tabidoo, we gained control over the daily extraction of data from over five hundred pharmacies.

Česká Lékarna Holding, a.s.

Working remotely - at the home office can be a problem if you do not have data access resolved. And that's what we have - thanks to Tabidoo.

CEO & CO - Founder, Miomove

Incredibly simple. Very flexible.
A great replacement for several systems and google sheets.

CEO, Hanak Centrum s.r.o.

EASY to use, packed with features

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Data Audit

Tabidoo records all data changes. You have a powerful tool in your hands that monitors changes of each record.


User roles

From simple read-only access for all data to complex user rights for every single item.



Powerful report designer. Load data from table, defined data query, API … Export to pdf, word, excel.



Tabidoo effortlessly communicates in a diverse range of languages, ensuring seamless interaction for users worldwide.


Dashboards / widgets

Widgets will help you make your data clear and all your important information can be displayed in one place.



Stay in the loop with every data change and upcoming date through convenient email notifications. Set up conditional notifications to tailor your alerts based on specific criteria.


GDPR ready

With Tabidoo you can easily find/print/anonymize/delete all sensitive data in your application.


API / Integration

Modern API integration, Zapier and Make.


Always up to date

Tabidoo runs on a top-of-the-line technology stack, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best of the best.

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Why it's good to use
the Asset Management?

Record buildings, inspections and maintenance

Property records sound simple until you need to take care of them correctly. For example, buildings require various inspections and you also need to meet occupational safety and health requirements. It is also necessary to think about the building equipment which requires service or regular maintenance.

Thanks to Tabidoo, you don't have to carry these things in your head or write them in Excel spreadsheets. In the database you will see which assets you have at your disposal and what service or inspections they require. And most importantly, Tabidoo will take care of your important dates so you don’t miss any obligations.

Effective management of company equipment including records

Records of short-term assets, such as office equipment, will readily show you how many chairs, tables or printers you have. You will also have information about which of your employees use which items. For example, when registering company computers, you will see in Tabidoo not only the date of acquisition, but also a description of the item, so you can easily plan its replacement.

Try out asset management in Tabidoo and you can be sure that nothing will ever surprise you. Tabidoo allows you to print out handover records along with respective return records. All is digital, so no record gets lost.

You will never miss servicing or MOT inspection again

This is also a huge advantage for fleet management. In addition to service checks, you can also see the history and service performed. This way you will know the condition of each of your vehicles. Tabidoo also watches over your MOT inspection dates and it can also perform other tasks for you. If you travel abroad, Tabidoo will also tell you exactly which car has a DEKRA certificate. You can also tell Tabidoo to check third-party insurance if you do not already have a fleet insurance.

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