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"As a dynamic and fast-growing company, Tabidoo allows us to quickly deploy any application for our data without the need for external companies and programmers. The great advantage is the absolute versatility that allows us to implement our own needs in a very short time. Development in Tabidoo is extremely fast!"
Business Development, Raylyst Solar s.r.o.
"Thanks to the Tabidoo platform, we managed to transform most of the company's data and processes into digital form in just a few days. Having the ability to instantly customize the company system to our needs is absolutely great."
"As a non-profit organization, we have specific needs and were looking for a system that would encompass and connect our entire organization. Tabidoo's ability to adapt meant that we found an indispensable partner for our day-to-day tasks within the organization. Our volunteers are thrilled with the system."
CEO, Unie Jokes&Games
"Working in a home office can be a problem when you don't have data access sorted out. And thanks to Tabidoo, we have that."
CEO & CO - Founder, Miomove
"We were looking for a user-friendly solution to manage our data and Tabidoo offered a tailored service."
Ředitelka NROS
"By choosing a solution built on top of Tabidoo, we gained control over the daily extraction of data from over five hundred pharmacies."
Česká Lékarna Holding, a.s.
"If you need online Excel with additional features without paying for bespoke software, Tabidoo is the ideal solution."
"Incredibly simple. Very flexible. Great replacement for multiple systems and google sheets."
CEO, Hanak Centrum s.r.o.
"We think Tabidoo fits every small and medium-sized business, it just might not be obvious at first glance. The key is to understand the company's processes and then set up Tabidoo. At Dáváme, we have helped dozens of Czech customers create a system tailored to their needs at a tenth of the price of other solutions."
Zakladatel Dáváme s.r.o.
"Tabidoo has provided us with a platform for taming our customers' spreadsheets, which has greatly accelerated our development of some small applications. The agreement was fast, the service was great, the conditions were great."
CEO, Quartex Praha
"Tabidoo allows us to deploy flexible records for our customers extremely quickly. From CRM systems, to add-ons for ERP systems, to analytical reports."
CEO, TechPlay