10 Reasons To Say Goodbye to Google Sheets

Are you often unhappy with spreadsheets that just add to your work rather than help you out with it? Whether you use Google Sheets or the classic Excel spreadsheets, you are certainly familiar with the situation when one issue is resolved and as a result, two new ones promptly appear.

So say goodbye to conventional spreadsheets and embrace a new flexible solution - Tabidoo. This easy application thoroughly adjusts to the workings of your company and simplifies its daily operations.


Your digital company is here!

How will Tabidoo achieve this?

Frees you from endless spreadsheet creation
# 1

It relieves you from the never-ending making of spreadsheets

With a few clicks, you can create any operational record keeping which you can start using in the blink of an eye. Simply and in an organized manner.

  • Record keeping of companies and contacts
  • Record keeping of employees
  • Record keeping of orders and contracts
  • Record keeping of company assets
  • and many more…
Move your excels to Tabidoo
# 2

Move your Excel spreadsheets to Tabidoo

You may easily import all your existing Excel spreadsheets to Tabidoo and begin to enjoy your company data being orderly and arranged in a structured manner.

It adapts to any impulse
# 3

It adjusts to any type of business

Whether you are a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, a maker of artisanal ice cream or a tax advisor, Tabidoo will easily adjust to the needs of your business. No programmers or technical knowledge required.

 Connects your data tables < to each other
# 4

Connects your data tables to each other

Tabidoo respects the interconnection of sub-spreadsheets and it understands the interrelationships between them. Create links and consequently connections between sub-spreadsheets.

Link for example:

  • Employees and issued company property
  • Suppliers with your orders
  • Customers with concluded contracts
  • or anything else you like…

With Tabidoo, create links between spreadsheets exactly according to your needs.

You don't pay for users
# 5

It does not charge for the number of users

Any number of users in your company can log in to the Tabidoo application. In other words: one pricing plan - an unlimited number of users.

Great customer support!
# 6

Great customer support! No automated bot!

Tabidoo has great customer support made of flesh and bone. Therefore as our customer, you will not be talking to any bot, but you will always get the correct answers.

You won't need sub-applications and software
# 7

It does not need any sub-applications or software

Tabidoo is your digital company that solves a wide range of operational agendas. In an organized manner and in one place.

Therefore, Tabidoo is not just an application specializing in human resources, business or property, but it is your right hand for most operational agendas in the digital space.

Data will always be securely stored and available online at any time
# 8

It encourages teamwork

Sharing your data with colleagues simply and effectively is a matter of course. Give them access to your application and decide who can see specific documents or how they can work with them.

Bezpečně odřídí přístupy k Vaším datům
# 9

It guarantees the security and availability of data online and at any time

Thanks to the use of data centers that meet the highest demands, your company data is always safe.

Since the data is not stored locally on computers, you can thus access it from anywhere in the world.

We stand behind the availability!
# 10

Functionality is a top priority

Tabidoo values your hard work. Therefore, in the case of a 30-second system outage, we will refund your entire subscription.

Complete solution

And in addition to that!

Do not expect a 30-day trial or some "tasting test" of features available only for a few days. You will get a complete solution from us.


Make the daily operations of your company easier and embrace the unique Tabidoo system.