Tabidoo – Online Data Application System

Tabidoo is a simple online database system that helps you organize your data. There is no need for back programming skills. Each application can be defined within minutes. You gain full control over your data that you can share with your colleagues. It’s FREE.

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Work with data

Grid view
Form view
Calendar view
Kanban view
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Organize your data in one place

Tabidoo is an extremely easy and simple tool that helps you to organize your data. Creating an application is easy and it requires zero programming knowledge or skills. Adding, removing, or editing data is also very straightforward, click the appropriate icon and then remove, edit or add any required information.

Filter data
Save your filter settings
Sort your data
Choose different display of data
Group data by any columns
Organize your data

Imagine, Create and Control

You can imagine items of the schema as you would do in Excel or inputs in the edit dialog. Every item has its name and data type. Data types define the basic behaviors of the field. You can have a text field, number field and date field. The data types in Tabidoo covers all of the basic needs and functionality. All this can be accomplished in a few clicks and without prior experience or knowledge of programming.

Dashboard, Widgets

You may add as many Dashboards as you like into each application. Widgets, which you will then assign to them, will help you make your data more clear and all your important information will be well arranged in one place. Select and add colors to your widgets and you will not overlook the most important ones.

Dashboard, widgets

Data Audit

Tabidoo records all data changes. No change will miss you, no data is missing. You have a powerful tool in hand that monitors changes to each record. What change was made when and who made the change.

What property has change
Date of change
The origin and new value
Author of the change
Data audit

Security and Access Control

Data is completely under your control and private, but you can share them with colleagues. Allow them access to the selected parts of your application using the Advanced Right Management system.

Excel integration

f Excel is your thing, create applications from excel spreadsheet. It is possible to import your excel data into Tabidoo. You can work with the data and then export it back to excel. Keep the data in order, use Tabidoo.

Excel Integration

And Much More…

Tabidoo is a powerful tool for creating great apps that save you time for your business. Make use of all its parts…

Custom Javascript
Custom Data Source for Reports
Zapier integrations

Integration with more than 750 applications

Connect Tabidoo with your favorite apps to increase your productivity. Zapier enables users to create integrations that automate tasks among hundreds of applications.

Create an application in Tabidoo for free. Now.