Your business deserves better than messy spreadsheets.

Tabidoo is a powerful online solution that helps you manage your business.

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vlevo If you need "online Excel with additional features" without having to pay for custom software, Tabidoo is the ideal solution. vpravo

better than excellent

Tabidoo does what basic spreadsheets cannot.

Simple spreadsheets seem like a good idea in the beginning, but they soon become a nightmare as your business continues to grow.

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vlevo Working remotely - at the home office can be a problem if you do not have data access resolved. And that's what we have - thanks to Tabidoo. vpravo

vlevo Incredibly simple. Very flexible. A great replacement for several systems and google sheets. vpravo

Work together in a whole new way

Stay connected with your team, even from home.

The entire world has just learned how to work remotely.
Tabidoo makes it easier, faster, and safer than ever.

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EASY to use, packed with features

All features for all users.
Even in a Free plan.

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Data Audit

Tabidoo records all data changes. You have a powerful tool in your hands that monitors changes of each record.


User roles

From simple read-only access for all data to complex user rights for every single item.



Powerful report designer. Load data from grid, defined data query, API … Export to pdf, word, excel.



Tabidoo speaks English, French, Italian, Czech…


Dashboards / widgets

Widgets will help you make your data clear and all your important information can be displayed at one place.



Be notified about every data change or coming date by email. Conditional notification also available.


GDPR ready

With Tabidoo you can easily find/print/anonymize/delete all sensitive data in your application.


API / Integration

Modern API, integration via Zappier and Integromat.


Always up to date

Tabidoo is running on the best technology stack. So you are.

Templates - ready to use apps


A few applications we created and published on the Templates.

Zapier integrations Integromat integrations

Integration with more than 750 applications

Connect Tabidoo with your favorite apps to increase your productivity. Zapier and Integromat enable users to create integrations that automate tasks among hundreds of applications.