The comparison between

Tabidoo vs. Notion

Both of them are no-code platforms.
So, what is the difference?

The basic concept

Can't decide which platform is better for you? Check out a few points to help you decide and save you a lot of time and money.


Tabidoo is a table-based platform. Yes, you can have forms, charts and calendars displayed. Even Kanban. But the main focus is on data. It's incredibly easy to work with data, find the right information and share it. Every table has an input form automatically.


It's kind of an organizational bulletin board. It can connect teams, make nice dashboards. As a no-code platform it has limited customization options.

I recently found a very nice simplified comparison on the internet. Something like
Tabidoo is like Excel, data-centric.
Notion is like Word, into which you can eventually paste Excel sheets.

The flexibility


Tabidoo is incredible easy. However with the advanced settings on, with scripting, the possibilities of the system are enormous. Such a combination of simplicity and flexibility is absolutely unique. There is huge support for automation, wokflow and integration. As a no-code/low-code platform there is always possibility for adjustments.


Adjusting the look of the page is better. No discussion. The flexibility for behaviors modifications is - lets say - limited. This is no-code platform. So very limited. The same goes for integration and automation.

User rights and roles

The rights and roles in Tabidoo are incomparable. Easy to use, very advanced granularity. This is one of Tabidoo's strengths.

User rights and roles

A typical set of rights - can read, can edit ...

Pricing at Tabidoo

Tabidoo charges only for storage size. And the number of API calls etc. All features are included. The free trial is unlimited in time. The number of users is not limited.

Pricing at Notion

You pay for users, for functionality. Free version is limited to 5 users.

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